Car dies when driving it

1991 Eagle with a 4 cylinder Mitsubuhi engine manuel transmission 130,000 miles.

After it has been driven for awhile it just stops. If you let it cool off for about 30 minutes it will start back up again. My mechanic drove it around town on short errands for a month and never had any problems.

Two checks to do the next time it dies:

  1. spray a little starting fluid in the air intake. If the engine fires up then quits, you have a fuel supply fault. (Possible bad fuel pump, fuel regulator, plugged fuel filter, etc.)

  2. To check for spark, (before the test) go to an automotive store and buy a spark tester that attaches to the plug wire.
    As an option: use a new plug, remove a plug wire and attach the wire to the new plug, lay it firmly against the engine (not a plastic part) and while cranking the engine over check for a bright blue spark in the plug.