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No Start (91 Toyota Camry 3S-FE )

I try to start the car. Engine runs for about 5 seconds and then dies. Fuel pump and filter has been replaced. I have also sprayed fuel in the intake but it still dies.

The vehical is a 1991 Toyota Camry. Car is in the garage right now and I intend on fixing the issue myself. I have had 3 years of mechanics and yet I’m stumped at this issue. For the engine to start for at least 5 seconds it must have fuel, spark, compression, and air. I know compression is good because I tested it with a gauge and got about 160psi on a cylinder.

Computer has no error codes!

After the car dies I hear what sounds like fluid running through a tube, I think what i’m hearing is coming from the fuel rod for the injectors.

The problem might be with the igniter (ignition module) in the distributor. This operates in two modes. The Start and Run modes. During the start mode, the igniter allows full battery voltage to the ignition coil. This ensures that the engine is easier to start when cold and the fuel mixture is rich. Once the engine starts, and the ignition switch moves to the run position, the igniter goes into the run mode and steps the voltage down to the coil. This is done because not as hot of a spark is required to keep the engine running once it starts, and it also allows the secondary ignition components last longer.

So the problem might be that the igniter is functioning during the start mode, but failing when it switches to the run mode.