1993 Eagle Talon

Help! my eagle talon has intermittent starting issues. every electrical component has been checked. it starts without a problem for days and then won’t won’t turn over.

the battery has been changed,the battery terminals have been replaced.

the ecu has been checked; the ignition was replaced in 2008.

help, help,help and no i won’t give up the car for a newbie.



Check the wire under the coating of the red battery cable close to the battery.
Slice 3 inches on the side of red wire and look for green crud.
By doing it on the side and taping it up when done water and dirt will not get in as easy compared to slicing on top.
This may not be problem but its easy and free and happens more than people think.

when it will not turn over, see if you get a spark, if not check the crank and cam sensor for a good signal.