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99 cougar won't start, already replaced alot of stuff please help

I’ve already replaced the fuel pump, fuel rail line, position sensor, starter, battery, fuel filter and position sensors. It still won’t run it cranks fine. I can hear the brand new pump kick on but it just doesn’t want to start. Before the fuel pump died it ran every day just fine. Please help any ideas would be so helpful, thanks

Tell us WHY you changed all these parts. Did you test any of them to see if they were not working before you changed them?

How did you determine you needed a starter? Wasn’t the engine cranking? Which position sensor? The crankshaft position sensor? How did you determine you needed a fuel pump? Wasn’t it running? Did you check to see if it had power?

Have you checked for fuel pressure? Is it high enough?

Have you tried spraying starter fluid into the intake? If it is an ignition problem he car won’t even try to fire. If it is a fuel problem the engine will fire and run for a short time and keep running if you keep spraying starter fluid. Start there and report back.


are you even getting spark?

compression is correct?

Spray a little starting fluid into the air filter and see if the engine responds to that. If it doesn’t then you need to check other things like valve timing and the ignition.

How did you verify it was a dead fuel pump that caused the no start?

Good idea above. Checking for spark at a spark plug s probably pretty easy, so that’s where I’d start.

For an engine to start you need

  • spark (as above)
  • fuel (check fuel pressure or try the starter fluid spray method above)
  • non-clogged intake air and exhaust paths
  • compression (compression test)

There’s one weird possibility, the cylinder are flooded with gasoline due to prior testing after you replaced the fuel pump. I had this problem one time on a VW Rabbit after some fuel injection system testing and had to remove the spark plugs and let the cylinders air out for a couple days. If the spark plug tips are wet w/fuel, that’s a major clue.

I cannot seem to understand why people post questions, then not log back on to answer simple questions.

As I understand the OP, he replaced the fuel pump. Now it won’t start so he is throwing parts at it.


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Because after the clues to the solution are given…they are checked out and acted upon…often fixing the issue. Then “we” return to the dynamic of “who needs who more”… When in need of assistance…people need our help. After its repaired, we become much less important. Sad but true… I dont mean all this in a malicious way, but dems the facts.

I’m seeing a counselor about this syndrome but am having little success … I feel used and abused all the time.