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Car wont run

After a very cold night, I try to start the car. Engine runs for about 5 seconds and then dies. Fuel pump and filter has been replaced. I have also sprayed fuel in the intake but it still dies.

what kind of car, year engine etc…impossible to determine with info

We have had some of those problems in the past as well. The cure was usually to dump a few bottles of gasline antifreeze in the tank.

You may have other problems as well, but I would start there, and try to park in a warm spot to at least thaw out the car to get the alcohol to the fuel injectors. After that, tank gas at another service station.

If that does not fix it I would get a good mechanic, not the one who replaced your fuel pump and filter, to properly diagnose the problem!

1991 Toyota Camry. Car is in the garage right now and I intend on fixing the issue myself. I have had 3 years of mechanics and yet I’m stumped at this issue. For the engine to start for at least 5 seconds it must have fuel, spark, compression, and air. I know compression is good because I tested it with a gauge and got about 160psi on a cylinder. Computer has no error codes!

Are you able to talk to the computer? I hate to make wild guesses so I won’t but don’t put it in the “impossible” file.

Computer has no error codes

I would want at fuel pressure and volume check.

Try a litmus test for water in the fuel tank.

Other maybes: vacuum leak, faulty emissions system or perhaps loose or damaged wiring in the ignition system.