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No Start (91 Toyota Camry 3S-FE )

I try to start the car. Engine runs for about 5 seconds and then dies. Fuel pump and filter has been replaced. I have also sprayed fuel in the intake but it still dies.

The vehical is a 1991 Toyota Camry. Car is in the garage right now and I intend on fixing the issue myself. I have had 3 years of mechanics and yet I’m stumped at this issue. For the engine to start for at least 5 seconds it must have fuel, spark, compression, and air. I know compression is good because I tested it with a gauge and got about 160psi on a cylinder.

Computer has no error codes!

After the car dies I hear what sounds like fluid running through a tube, I think what i’m hearing is coming from the fuel rod for the injectors.

Update: Bypassing the pump and leaving it on while starting the car gets it running longer, but still cuts out after 10 or so seconds.

My adjusting the distributer back and forth while the pump is on keeps the engine running. Increasing the throtle kills the car.

Pull a plug just after it stalls. I’ll bet it is wet with gasoline. You may have leaking injectors.