Tired of walking home

'94 Camry V6. Quit suddenly about two months ago. Would start again shortly and run then quit again. Mechanic diagnosed failed igniter and installed after market replacement. Ran good for about 2-3 weeks then lurched alittle while on highway and died in parking lot. Was able to start and get to Toyota dealer. They installed a valve assembly idle control(?)(said it controlled air intake at low or idle). and injector kit. Car ran great for about 2 weeks and started all over again. Dealer said needs igniter. Original mechanic honored warranty and replaced igniter again. Car ran great about 2 weeks. Died today and sits at the bottom of the hill below our house. Seems to the uneducated that something must be causing igniter failure(?). Any ideas out there. Not far from donating to NPR but when it runs it’s great car.

I have no idea what’s going on with your car because it’s unknown whether the problem the car has is related to lack of fuel or spark.
If the original mechanic found the car had no spark then I could see the igniter diagnosis.

If the car had a tendency to die at any speed then I also have no idea why the dealer replaced the Idle Air valve and installed an injector kit. Neither of those would cause an engine to quit at highway speeds.

If the problem is due to lack of spark then things like a failing ignition switch, poor connection on a fuse or fusible link should be considered.
If the problem is due to lack of fuel then a failing fuel pump should be considered. It is quite common for a fuel pump to work on a fine one minute/bad the next basis. The pump may work fine for weeks, quit, and then work fine again 5 minutes later or 5 days later. It’s anyone’s guess.

I don’t know that any of that will help but without knowing why the car was diagnosed as needing this and that it’s about the best I can do.

Thanks for input. I was maybe not clear. The engine never quit at highway speeds. It has always started again in a short while but then quit intermittently as I tried to nurse it home. Is there any type of test for a faulty (sometimes) fuel pump? Thanks again for your time.

I’m whelmed too. It might be the fuel pump.
You can drive the car into a good shop and check the fuel pressure. It never hurts to get a review of the shop online before you take it in. Always go to the best shop available and always use the internet and word of mouth to choose a shop.

I tend to think the problem is being caused by a fault in the electrical system. As a wild guess for this trouble I would replace the fuel pump relay to see if that helps. There could also be a bad power connection to the fuel pump or ignition system causing the trouble. The ignition switch is another possibilty also.