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No Problems here

I have to say the Australian’s know what they are doing. This is probably the most fun car I’ve ever driven. How is everyone’s G8 going?

Never drove one, but did take the previous generation GTO out for a test drive. Holden Monaro re-badged as a Pontiac. Reasonably fast, handled OK, but felt like a bucket of bolts.

Never drove one. I do believe they are very attractive.

Test drove both v6 and v8 models. Didn’t get a chance to really test out the v8 as there was a cop in the vicinity, but it felt pretty good from what I was able to do.

On BBC’s Top Gear program, they test-drove the Vauxhall equivalent, which was likely made in the same GM/Holden factory in Australia. With GM’s badge engineering, it is likely that only minor differences exist between the various versions of this Holden/Vauxhall/Pontiac.

They compared it to a BMW (?? series), and found the Vauxhall to be faster and a much better value for the money. However, they did comment that it was “like a bucket of bolts” in terms of overall quality, in comparison to its European competitors.

I have the G8GT and I agree, I LOVE THIS CAR! After 10 months and 18,000 miles there are only smiles, make that huge grins! Great car!