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Which Car to Buy?

I’m debating whether to buy a 2007 Pontiac G6 4v (30k miles), a 2008 Dodge Caliber (31k miles) or a Chevy HHR LT (36k miles), all around the same price range. Which is a better car?

The G6. Hands down. You actually put them in order of best to worst.

Get a copy of Consumer Reports Magazine’s “Annual Auto Issue.” It contains a wealth of information about new and used cars, their reliability, and how to shop for a used car.

This is information you need.

I can’t say I’d choose any of the three you’re debating among.

I’ve driven a Dodge Caliber. Worst visibility I’ve ever experienced. Ever. I wouldn’t take one if it was free. Please explain what it is you find attractive about this vehicle.


The other two? Well, if that’s what you like, choose between them. Seems like apples and oranges to me, I fail to see any similarity between the HHR and the G6. One is a retro bread van, the other is a standard 4-door sedan.

Which is a better car?

That’s like asking whether you’d rather have a broken arm or a broken leg.

Buy the G6. Then don’t complain about it.

None are “great” cars. However, I agree with the posters that you should avoid the Caliber at all cost, and the HHR is a very bulky vehicle without a lot of inside room. My wife calls it a retro styling joke!

That leaves the G6; nice to drive, but popular with young hot rodders. If you buy one, make sure it has not been abused and all the maintenance has been performed. It’s the best of the group. But there are a lot better vehicles out there, in my opinion.

The correct choice is “D”–None of the above. Read consumer reports and keep shopping.

Don’t Forget To Compare The Warranty Or Lack Of Warranty That Comes With Each Car.

I like to try and buy cars with some warranty left on them.

You don’t say whether you’re buying from a lot or individuals. An 08 could possibly have a little warranty left and I believe the Chevy (Is it an 08 ?) could have the balance of a 5 year / 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty. Make sure the warranty will transfer. It should.

Call your insurance agent for a quote on each vehicle. Sometimes they vary quite a bit.

Check tires and other wear items and see if one or another vehicle will need something replaced soon.

Take a long test drive in each car over various types of roads an driving. Which vehicle fits you and your needs best ? Compare MPG if that’s important to you.

Make sure the vehicle you choose hasn’t been seriously wrecked and repaired. If you don’t know a great deal about cars, have the one you choose checked by a reputable mechanic to see if it’s hiding anything.


You’re reading my mail !

The G6 is similar to the Malibu, while the HHR is similar to the G5. The HHR is essentially a Cobalt station wagon. We own a Cobalt and all of the kids like it best of the 3 cars they have to choose from. I prefer the G6 because it has a larger passenger area and is a more comfortable car than the HHR. I had a Caliber as a rental and I did not like it.