What car replaces Bonneville SSEi

I will need to replace my beloved 2003 Bonneville SSEi soon. Any ideas as to what current car model has the road feel, size and power of my Bonneville. Thanks!

Most of the cars in that size class have gone to RWD. One holdout that is fairly comparable to your Bonny is the Impala SS.

Soon to be released is the Pontiac G8 which will be the Bonneville counterpart.

The G8 is out, and it’s RWD.

Chevy Impala SS is the most comparable to the SSEi. Actually, the Impala SS is really just an SSEi with a V8 and different body. But, the Pontiac G8 is coming out, and while it’s RWD, it is similar to the Bonneville, in the terms you describe.

Other vehicles that are similar include the Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300, Lexus LS-series, Hyundai Sonata or Azera (both seem to be highly recommended), Nissan Maxima, or several BMW, Mercedes and Audi models.
If you really want to stay with FWD, then that reduces the list to the Hyundais and the Nissan.

GM has discovered there is a market around the world for a large rear drive sedan. The new G8 is based on the Australian designed Holden Monaro, which is also built in China by GM as a Buick for Chinese officials and business tycoons. The new camaro uses the same, but modified platform.

Good sporty performance is best obtaimed by having the driving wheels not do the steering! Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW and the large Japanes luxo cars all have rear wheel drive. I’m sure Craig58 will concur.

Taxi drivers and police hate front wheel drive; the taxis drivers for the additional maintenance and high cost of repairs, the police for the fragility of the front end drive in making fast U turns across the median of a highway. I got this gem of info personally from a police chief!

You did not just say that a Lexus LS, BMW or Audi are in any way, shape or form are comparable to a Pontiac Bonneville…I will cringe for all those engineers abroad that cannot be here haha.

Test drive the base G8. The 6-cylinder engine is more powerful than the Bonneville SSEi is. You could go for the GT with the V8, but you might be happy with the 6-cylinder. If you don’t mind spending a bit more, look at a Cadillac CTS. It’s a fun car and you can even get it with a manual transmission if you want.

Monaro was the GTO and it’s no longer being built. It does look like the Commodore though.

Thanks to all who responded for your time and considerable knowledge!!

Agree; the Opel Commodore (Germany), Holden Commodore, Chinese Buick, and Pontiac G8 all share the same platform.

You forgot the Vauxhall VXR8. I like Vicky’s presentation better the Jeeza’s on Top Gear.