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No power to fuel pump

I could not get back to a previous discussion I starter last week. I’ll continue from where I left off. 86 Ford Econoline, 302, No Power To Fuel Pumps. Summery: Checked pumps, they both work. I replaced the relay, that didn’t help. Have power to fuel pump relay, but For some reason the fuel pump relay coil does not energise. Also, when I crank the engine there is no spark. However, if I apply voltage to the red terminal on the relay I get spark when I crank it over. I took the cover off the old relay and pluged it in. If I manualy close the relay points, both pumps work without cranking. Jumping the red wire on the relay and manually closing the points on the relay, will start the van while cranking. Arrived at this stage by trial and error. I have no idea why that works. Under normal conditions the van won’t start. Oh, the fuel safty shut off is OK. Note: The pump on the frame operates one bank and the pump in the tank works the other rail. I disconnected one of the fuel lines. Using the old relay with the cover off, I manualy closed the points without cranking, there is plenty of fuel pouring out. So there is no clog. Cranking without closing points, gets no fuel. My brain fried at this point. Does anything I mentioned give anyone a clue as to what the problem might be?