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Toyota Corolla fuel pump / no spark

I have a 94 Corolla with 239 K
After pulling into my drive way and turning the car off I went back to start it …Car turned over but no start …ok backed the car out of the drive used the other car . Came back the next day car started pulled it back into the driveway …Went to start it again later that day …no start this happened for a couple of days …It would start and then it wouldn’t… Checked the fuel pump …its not working …The relay is good …There is power coming into the fuel pump but. Only one lead with power …I power the fuel pump direct and it works …I take it to a shop to have them look at it and they say I have no spark and that there is power going to my fuel pump …he said there was power but he did not say if the fuel pump worked …The gas gauge works but the fuel pump still does not turn on

So the fuel pump works if i power it direct
and I have no spark …so I could change the distributor & coil and go back to checking ground wires to the fuel pump BUT
does anybody think there is anything else going on that might be causing these issues
The car was running perfect before this happened
Any advise would be greatly appreciated

What do you mean by “Only one lead with power”?

There is 5 post plug going into the fuel pump that powers the pump/ & gas gauge 2 posts on top a three on the bottom
One on top has power the other does not show power
The fuel gauge works . but the fuel pump itself is not getting power… When I check the leads going directly into the fuel pump there is no power

Before you start throwing parts into this and hope something works you need to do a lot more investigation. It sounds like there is no power to both the ignition and the fuel pump relay. Look for something common to both. It could be corroded connections, the ECU, a bad sensor or something else entirely. A wiring diagram will save you a lot of time and money.

+1 with traveler’s comment.
Those five wires likely are the fuel sensor (=potentiometer) ground/signal/reference and the remaining two likely are fuel pump power and ground. Make sure your grounds are indeed connected by setting the meter to continuity or resistance and reading a connection of near zero ohms from it to ground.
Just saying that because just seeing +12V power on the pump will not do anything unless it has a return path, ground.

If the ignition isn’t working then the ECU might be turning off the fuel pump. This is a safety design. You say there is power after the relay but not at the pump. If that is correct then there is a break in the power lead between the two. The fuel gauge power is most likely from a different power source so it will work while the pump may not.

Does your fuel pump have an in line filter or a sock in the tank? If I had that dilemma I would replace fuel pump and pick up sock.

Thanks for the input …I will be working on it this weekend
I will be checking leads and continuity to ground.
and getting a wiring diagram

Fuel pump has a sock in the tank