Del Sol Fuel Pump

The pump does not run when the key is turned. I put two seconds of battery power directly to the pump and it seemed to run. Does this mean the pump is good and my problem is with the wiring or the relay??



What do you mean, ‘I put two seconds of battery power directly to the pump and it seemed to run.’ Does it start running immediately when you apply the battery power directly, or does it take two seconds to start running?

I put battery power directly to the fuel pump contacts (for two seconds only because I didn’t want to cause any damage). The pump was whirring as soon as contact was made and was whirring for the full two seconds I applied the power.

Now I just installed a jumper wire between terminals 5 and 7 on the main relay connecter (per Haynes Repair Manuel) and the pump was whirring as soon as the ignition key was turned to on. So I guess the fuel pump is working.

But the pump does not seem to pressurize the fuel system when the relay is installed and the ignition key is turn on - atleast I don’t hear it operating.

So I guess the relay is not working

Or maybe a computer problem???

Sounds like a relay problem, then.

What is the age/miles of the car? What is the history of this problem?
If the relay has failed, it might be because the fuel pump is starting to fail and pulling too much current. It would be wise to measure the current draw of the fuel pump and see if it is within spec. Does the engine run when you bypass the relay?

Have you ever considered learning to use a multimeter to go with that wiring diagram? Then, you would know if there is power to, and from the PGM-FI relay (which powers the fuel pump in Hondas).

Get yourself a piece of heavy duty wire and a fuse link at the parts store. Make your next “jump” more safe for you and the component you’re testing. Electrical parts can get expensive . . . much more expensive than a simple fuse, and the wire with a fuse in it can use any size (power) fuse. Jumping “only for a second or two” can cost you. As to your problem . . . yes, it sounds like the relay. Should be a million of them available at any salvage yard . . this is a civic with a removable top, right? Or just buy a new relay and give it a try. Rocketman