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No one can fix the noises

Hi! I have a 2005 Ford Escape. After front pad/rotor replacement 7 months ago, it developed a sqeak to left front. Sqeak speeds and slow depending on car speed, is better on turns, stops when brakes are applied. Dealership has replaced pads/rotors 4 times citing “bad parts” as reason for noise, I drive it home each time and after 2-3 blocks it’s back. Even tried the expensive noiseless parts-sqeaked before leaving lot that time. New garage showed me a rock they had found and claimed to have fixed it, sqeaked all the way home. Now it has a strut type noise when braking too.Had left axle assembly, wheel bearing, and sensor changed in June, I think the noise got worse!!Any ideas anyone?

Check all rubber bushings in frontend. They get wore over time and can cause sqeak.

“stops when brakes are applied”

All that’s left to replace is the caliper.