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2008 Accord Coupe

I got my new car a year ago May. About a month later, a squealing noise appeared each time I applied the brakes. I took it back to the dealer who said it was a “common” problem with the '08 model and they replaced the brake pads. After a week, the noise returned. I took it back again and they put on everything new that dealt with the brakes - still the noise. After 3 attempts, the dealer notified Honda who said they were working on the problem. It is now a year later and the noise is still there - Honda and the dealer have no idea how to solve it. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?

The squealing noise only occurs when applying the brakes.

A good brake shop may have the solution.

I have the best brake guys in the world and had a squeaking, rusty rotors they said, sure I live in a land of one inch of snow followed by 2 inches of salt, and I think it might be a hard spot on the pads or rotors, but decided that everything is functionally sound and just turn up the radio.

Squealing is usually caused by vibration. Vibration can be caused by slightly warped brake rotors, brake pads vibrating in the yokes, missing rattle clips, etc.

There’s not enough info given as to what was done or whether it was done correctly.
Replaced brake rotors? Did not omit anti-rattle clips or shims? Used silencer compound on the backs of the pads?

It’s possible that the factory brake pads could be made of a compound that is conducive to noise making. That has occurred with other car makes. Maybe a pad replacement with an aftermarket set of pads would shut this up.

Some food for thought. Unless a factory defect/workmanship problem exists, brake problems are normally not covered under warranty for the simple reason that driving habits and conditions have a lot to do with brake noise.
Any chance here that little has actually been done to your brakes at all and you’re the victim of of some BS stalling around?

Have you been given a written copy each time of the repairs allegedly performed under warranty? You should have been.
I’ve been involved with stuff like this over the years and repeated warranty claims over the same problem can be looked upon with distrust.