No lights behind odometer

I have a 1998 ford taurus . The dashboard lights behide the speedometer don’t work when lights are turned on. I have checked the fuses to no avail. The two directional lights on the odometer also stay on when the lights are on. help!

There are individual bulbs back there, but to all be out at once ? Maybe the ignition switch.

Has someone mistakenly turned the dash light dimmer all the way down?

Sometimes the dimmer wheel is forgotten, as mentioned. People even forget that they have one.

There are (usually) tiny little light bulbs behind the dash. You’ll have to get up therre and pull out the socket, which may have just shaken out, or simply replace the tiny little bulb. Not rocket science (darn it), but time consuming. Rocketman

I don’t know about the Taurus, but I know no the older Toyotas the bulbs were inside the back of the instrument clusters and required removal of the cluster to change. I’d recommend getting a repair manual and finding out where yours are to be prepared.