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Dash and ac lights out

I was in my car and all of a sudden the dash light and the AC lights went out now I can’t see my speedometer or my climate control in the dark is this a fuse or wiring issue?

Could be either. Much easier to check the fuse first. Your owners manual shows where the fuses are. Your post just says Chevrolet, not the model or year. Likely there are 2 fuse boxes; one in the engine compartment, one inside the car. If it is not a fuse, might be a wiring issue. Could be difficult to find.

Is it possible you accidentally hit the dimmer for the dash lights?

Well I checked my dimmer switch that wasn’t the problem, and I can’t figure out which fuse is which

Where would the fuse for the dash be for the 01 Impala

If you don’t have an owners manual, it can be found online at Chevy

If it isn’t a fuse, it could be that the rheostat (dimmer control) for the dash lights burned out. I had this happen on a 2000 Ford Aerostar. The instrument panel lights suddenly went out. It was the dimmer control.

Ok I’ll check that…my dimmer switch is built into my parking light switch if that part works is it the dimmer switch too or is there a way I can check it

Just to clarify, the “dimmer” you need to check isn’t to dim the headlights. It’s to dim the dash gauge’s backlighting. It’s often a little wheel located on the gauge panel you turn to adjust the backlighting. It’s not a switch. It varies a resistance by how much you turn it, continuously

This is the dimmer we’re talking about.

On some cars, including my Sienna, you twist the button that you push in to reset the odometer. This seems like strange arrangement. I drove a Nissan Sentra that had been rented for me to attend a conference. I had no idea how to dim the panel lights, and the lights were so bright as to be annoying.
I still don’t know what was wrong with a pull switch on the dashboard to turn on the headlights that you turned to control the brightness of the dashboard lights. This was the arrangement on my 1947 Pontiac and 1950 Chevrolet pickup truck.

The backlighting for my dashboard turns off whenever it gets dark by the way I replace that switch you was talking about but no change

In the old days, the instrument panel lights were on the same circuit as the taillights. I suppose this was a way to alert you to the fact your taillight fuse has blown. Have you checked/replaced the fuse for the taillights?

There are number of things that could cause the dash lights to not work. To just replace parts without doing some preliminary testing for the real cause of the trouble is a bad idea in my book. If you really want to solve this issue you should invest in a factory service manual for the wiring of the car and at least a test light probe so you can verify where power is getting to. Ebay is a good place to purchase manuals at a fair price. The problem you are having could simply be to a loose connection in the circuit, and I suspect that it is the cause of the trouble. Proper troubleshooting will locate the trouble. If you can’t do that yourself then have a good shop work on the problem. They should be able to find the trouble without too much time involved in locating and solving the problem for you.