No horn and no cruise control, ideas? Also air horn?

Hey folks, im back to pick y’alls brains a bit. Mostly because im all out of trouble to cause elsewhere.

(old 3-prong thingy shown)

Awhile back, after my steering column replacement, my horn worked with no cruise control, now neither of them work.

Everything is plugged in, no blown fuses either.

Tried dropping by my local scrap yard to pick up that 3 line wheel that goes behind the steering wheel thinking maybe that had gone bad. Also picked up the new 3-prong thing that touches it. No luck.

I don’t know what else I might check, any ideas folks?

On a side note, anyone have a good idea on how to possibly just put in an air horn? I can live without cruise control, but a horn, man it sucks not having one.

Sounds like the clockspring has given up the ghost.

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Might be. Mines the older style, just a disc with 3 copper* circles and 3 prongs that touch it to make it work.

My 1993 f250 is just a little old for airbags, XLT was fancy enough for cruise control.

you can put a push button somewhere on the dash and wire it up to blow your existing horn. Any pushbutton will do, see amazon. As to how to wire it, there is probably a horn relay, and you have to wire to that, or to one of the connections that you mention on back of the steering wheel.

Are you sure that 3 pin connector is the only connection? the horn takes one, but the cruise control should take, at my guess, 4 connections at least.

Yes the 3 pin is the only connection. The 4th wire behind that connects to the key cylinder for that wonderous door chime.