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1995 Ford Ranger -- bad horn

I have a 1995 Ford Ranger and the horn has gone out. The fuse is okay, and I replaced the horn relay. No change. The horn units will work when connected directly to the battery. But they don’t seem to be getting positive current through the horn circuit. Any thoughts?

The problem might be with the clock-spring in the steering wheel. The clock-spring is what makes the electrical connections between the controls mounted on the steering wheel, which can rotate, and the wiring harness in the steering column.


I think auto parts stores still sell horn buttons that attach to the side of the steering column. One side of the button goes to the horn relay and the other side goes to the body of the truck to complete the ground. I did this to make the horn work on my 1950 Chevrolet pick-up truck. It obviously won’t look like the original equipment, but on your 14 year old truck it is a cheap way out.