2001 dodge dakota 3.9

cruise control and horn stopped working

simultaneously. checked horn fuse and relay…all good.any ideas on other places to check? i sure miss my cruise control. thanks for any ideas.

The problem might be in the clock spring. The clock springs allows the electrical connection between the controls on the rotating steering wheel and the wires that run down the steering column. As you can see, it’s located under the steering wheel. http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repairGuide.htm?pageId=0900c15280057381


To clarify what a “clock spring” is: it’s a ribbon of several wires which is wound around itself like a clock spring is wound. As the steering wheel is turned one way, it (the rolled ribbon of wires) unwinds one way; as the steering wheel is turned the other way, it winds the other way -------- just like the action of a clock spring. This “clock spring” allows all the controls on the steering wheel to connect to other parts of the car (radio, horn, etc.).

thanks tester for your imput. it gives me another option to ponder. guess if it’s that involved i ought to take it in for diagnostics. thanks again!

If it’s a manual shift transmission, there is a recall to make repairs where the clutch linkage may rub, and abrade, the wiring for the horn circuit. If the cruise control circuits are there also, they could be affected. (Recall repair equals free repair).

thanks for your imput hellokit.me thinks if this is the problem i will need to get a diagnostics.could’nt be as simple as a fuse huh? thank you again