Horn and cruise quit working at the same time

Yes, I checked the fuses

check the wiring.

I checked the wiring also. I moved all the wiring around and pushed the horn at the same time.

If the wire has at some point been chewed by a mouse, moving it around isn’t going to help. You need to put a multimeter lead on the horn switch (remove the steering wheel) and a lead at the other end where the horn is to guarantee continuity.

But before you do that, I would check the fuse again, and maybe replace the appropriate one even if it doesn’t look like it’s blown.

Is The Cruise In The Steering Wheel ? I’d Suspect A Broken “Clock Spring”.


I don’t know if those two circuits are tied to a common fuse or not but if they are then I would check for a power lead connection problem. If they have seperate power sources then the trouble may be a bad connection in the steering column area.

It’s the clockspring. That is the common circuit. You will also soon get an SRS fault light.

Thank everybody for the help will get on asap