No crank '02 xg350

the other day my hyundai xg350 wouldn’t start after being driven for a while…it did start after cooling down a bit, and the engine light came on. once home i got a po355 code…i cleared the code and in the morning she fired right up. went to work, went to lunch, on the way home i stopped at the store, and she wouldn’t start again. same code. cleared it again, still won’t crank. ah, where do i begin? i’m right around the corner from home, so if i can at least get it there, i’ll feel a little better while i figure out how to fix it. thanks for all replies.

Ignition coil 5 failure.

Failure to crank is different from failure to start. Which is it? Cranking is that “rrr rrrr rrrr” sound that occurs prior to the engine starting.