Please help- cranks but won’t start

Hello, I have a 2005 Hyundai Tucson gls v6 Automatic. Has around 199,000 but never had any problems with it. Always do routine maintenance on it. It was driving fine and then I tried to turn it on and it wouldn’t start then I finally got it to start and drove it about and hour with no problems to my home. Then I tried to start it again and it would crank but not start. I changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, coil pack, crank shaft sensor, and cam shaft sensor. Test all the spark plugs and it’s not getting spark. There’s fuel in the car and it’s getting fuel because the spark plugs smelled like gas and were wet. The battery is only a year old we even jumped started it and it still cranks but won’t start. Checked & cleaned all the fuses and there was a broken wire so we re-wired it and still no start. We’re not getting spark, what is not causing it to get spark?
thanks in advance

Here’s the problem: You’re throwing parts at it without having a clear understanding of what is broken, or even how broken cars break.

What prompted you to change the plugs, wires, coil packs, and sensors? Was there an engine code? What was it? And then you jumpstarted a car that was cranking. All a jump start does is provide power when the car’s battery can’t. If the engine is cranking, then it doesn’t need a jump start.

What wire was broken? What did it connect to? What method did you use to test the spark plugs?

I’m not saying all this to make you feel bad, but to point out that you need to first diagnose a problem and then fix it. Otherwise you just waste time and money and end up with a car that’s still broken.


See if the ignition coil pack fuse #14/20 amp is blown.