2006 Hyundai Tucson - Won't start. But it's OK when it is running

Won’t start batt ok just stop while driving

Need a little more info. Engine/transmission configuration? (Engine ID on label underside of hood.) Does it make the normal rrr rrr rrrr sound with key in “start”? Maybe only a “click”? Or no sound at all w/key in “start”? Is check engine light on?

I find this a bit confusing.
If it “won’t start”, how can it be okay when it’s running?

We need a much better explanation of the symptoms.


If you mean that the engine ran fine, and then suddenly shut off and won’t restart, that can be caused by a bad crankshaft position sensor,


We need a lot more than that. Like already mentioned.how can it run ok. when it doesn’t start. I am not going to play 20 questions. If the OP can’t describe what the problem is, I will not even opine an answer. Is opine the right word? It doesn’t really matter what the engine is. Not starting comes down to no spark, no fuel, no air, no compression or no electric power. It’s all the same whether its an inline, a ‘v’, an opposed cylinder, a radial, manual, automatic, or CVT’s.





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I think you are low on the percentage.

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“OK when running” was the moderator’s input, the OP only stated that the engine stopped while driving.

Just a guess…
If the engine was running fine and just died. and now will not start but the battery checks out ok. then either an electrical problem like a loose or defective battery cable, or a seized engine.

Fuel pump/relay/fuse, crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor (if applicable), ignition relay/fuses, ignition switch (electrical component), no fuel, as mentioned wiring problems, bad ECU. Or just that it’s a 17year old Hyundai. I’ve probably missed some things, but there’s a list to start checking.

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I expect OP posted from cell-phone. Typing engine behavior details on a cell-phone is pretty awkward, especially for someone like geezer-me; difficulty in reading small print, and fingers too big to reliably punch cell phone keys.

In any event, concur w/you, no point in speculating unless/until OP comes back and adds clarity.