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No A/C in AZ

I have a 1997 toyota avalon, I was leaving a friends house the other day when 10 mins into the drive, the A/C stopped working…It won’t blow out any air at all, the cd player/radio, and clock in the dashboard also stopped working at the same time. The lights on the buttons still work fine however. Could this be just a blown fuse or something more serious?

My guess it is something like a blown fuse, but I would guess a loose wire or grounding. These things take a few minutes to track down. Someone familiar with 1997 Avalons should be able to find it fairly quick and cheap. Paying an inexperienced mechanic $5.00 per hour could cost you more than paying an experienced mechanic $50.00 per hour.

Good Luck

Does your vehicle have a diagram of the fuse locations on the fuse panel or in the owner’s manual? If so, that should make it easier to identify and check only the relevant fuses. Sometimes when people have to check all the fuses, they can miss a blown fuse or incorrectly reinsert the ones they checked.