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1996 Toyota Avalon Air Conditionin

My mother owns a 96 Avalon that is having a/c problems. The a/c works fantastic right after the car is started, and for about 5 minutes of driving. Once the engine warms up, however, it stops working completely. I have not validated this, but it seems as if the compressor is being shut off as it would if the engine was overheating. However, it is definitely not overheating. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before, and if it is more likely that it is an electrical (sensor, relay, etc) problem rather then a mechanical problem.


Have you local A/C shop take a look at it (not the quick lube down the street). My guess is a problem with the refrigerant charge, but it could be a number of things. Note: just pumping in more refrigerant is not a good idea. Too little bad, too much bad.