Clock and power locks

I have a 97 toyota avalon. I just had the battery and alternator changed. Now my clock does not keep correct time (I believe this is only when the car is not running). Also my dome light will not work any longer. My car auto lock does does not lock on its own any more, and if I use the power locks and turn on the dome light, the car unlocks, but the dome light still does not come on. This all started about a week or two ago after installing the alternator.

All of these features use the same fuse, so there’s your clue. I am not sure which fuse it is in the Avalon, but check the fuses in the distribution center under the hood.

is that a different fuse box than inside the car?

Most Japanese cars have two fuse boxes–one inside the car, and one under the hood.
Your Owner’s Manual will help you to figure out where this specific fuse is located.

Thanks for you advise I will check that.

Thanks I changed the fuse under the hood and it is all working now! Thanks for your help. Merry Christmas.

Excellent news!
That simple solution is MUCH better than having to deal with a programming error in your security system.

Glad to help out. And thanks for the follow-up report.