Air Conditioning 1997 Ford Escort LX


Hi, I have recently moved to US and I have a question about my 1997 Ford Escort LX car. I started the car and after that I started the AC, however it gave a last “blow” and stopped working. Not only the AC but even if I just want a regular fan. I don’t know if it is an electrical problem (because sometimes I can’t turn off the radio by pushing the button) or if it’s something more complicated. I have not experience whatsoever with cars and any idea/suggestion is more than welcome. Thanks, R.


First try turning the fan on high. If it works then the only problem is the resistor back. If not then you will need someone to track down the electrical flaw. If you are handy and can read a wiring diagram, you should be able to do it yourself with the proper wiring diagram.

Good Luck


If you have the owners manuel look in it to see if you can locate the fuse that goes to your heater and A/C fan. It should also tell you where the fuse panel is at. Check to see if the fuse is blown.

If you don’t fill comfortable doing this then go to one of your local auto parts places with this info and maybe one of the sales reps will help you


In case you don’t have your owners manuel your interior fuse box is found below the instrument panel just to the left of your steering column.

The fuse box should look like this:

The fuses and relays are as follows:
It’s the very last item in the list. It is the Blower (C.B.) 30 amp fuse for blower relay.

Hope this helps.