Acura 2000 tl air conditioner woes

Turned the engine on. Turned the AC on. Waiting about a minute… plugged in my GPS unti into cigarette adapter. At that same moment, the AC abruptly went out.

Now, it seems like it’s trying to start but can’t. Pushing the various settings I can hear them engage but no action.

Could it be a fuse that blew? Where to check?

What else to consider? Take it to dealer? Don’t want to get burned if it’s an easy fix.


I’m assuming it is the blower fan that stopped working. You can check the fuses. Look for a fuse marked for the heater fan or ventilation system. After that, the fan motor will need to be tested. Are you handy with a multimeter? Simply pulling off the plug on the motor under the glove box under the passenger side dash board, you can tell if the motor is getting power and if the motor has an open circuit. If your not handy, it will be time to see an independent mechanic that will offer much better labor rates than the dealer.