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Nissan odometer gears

Does anyone know where I can get an odometer gear set and how to replace the gears on a 1997 Nissan pickup?

You don’t replace odometer gears.

You replace the instrument cluster.

Do you really need the odometer that bad?


That is really a good question. You can just plan to change oil every 6 months and that should be sufficient .

One caution, what you are planning on doing there may be illegal OP. It could affect the mileage shown on the dash display and therefore affects the car’s value. I don’t know that to be a fact, but some research on your part is probably in order first, if you want to do what you say. If I had that problem, and ignoring the legalities, I’d drop by the local auto-recycler yard and buy an instrument cluster from a compatible wrecked Nissan pickup. Either use the gears from it, or just install the whole cluster.

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Just wanted it to work, and to keep track of fuel mileage

Don’t want ot change the mileage. Just want ot to work

Then go the an auto recycler/U-PULL-R PARTS yard and get a used instrument cluster and replace the cluster.

It won’t reflect the actual miles on the vehicle, but it’ll allow you to record miles again.


I guess that sounds like a plan. Now, just need to try to find one

Go to Ebay…OD clusters with lower miles are a big commodity items there. Gee I wonder why people want to buy an OD that reads lower miles?

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Don’t want to show lower miles, just want the odometer to work. it has 130,000 miles which is pretty good for a 20 year old truck.

A co-worker bought a used cluster off Ebay for their Honda because the speedo didn’t work.

They stopped by and had me install it.

You should of seen the look on their face when it didn’t work!

I got one from a local U-PULL, installed it, and it worked!

Always buy used parts locally.


The number of miles on the replacement shouldn’t be an issue. By '97 I believe every vehicle manufactured for the common man had gone to electronic instrument clusters, wherein the total mileage is kept in the ECU and not the instrument itself. Change the cluster and the total miles will be exactly what they were on the old odometer.

The good news is that these clusters are far easier to replace than the old type. I can remember the frustration of disconnecting the old speedo cables to change cables on the old cars/trucks. I had to do this even to change the instrument cluster pea bulbs in my '79 pickup. I had to disconnect the cable at the tranny, and pull it up partly at the cluster to get sufficient access to the back of the cluster to disconnect it and remove the cluster… necessary to access the bulbs. It was a real pain.

What is the purpose of odometer gears in a cluster with an LED or LCD odometer display?

This cluster doesn’t have LED or LCD display. The gears are for resetting the trip odometer but also makes the regular odometer numbers turn.

I remember taking the cable out of an old MG and lubing the cable to keep it from making a rubbing type noise.

Finding a cluster with working gears might be tricky.

The cluster in your truck has no speedo cable.

It’s driven electronically.

But it’s an analog cluster.

And the gears wear out.

On my 95 Nissan pickup, every once in-a-while the speedo stops working.

I just slap the top of the dash and it works again.


The speedo works. It’s just the odomter and the trip meter that dosn’t work.