2009 Nissan Versa - Odometer issue

The numbers on the right side of my digital odometer and trip counter have disappeared

You probably need to replace the speedometer/odometer. You should be able to find one in a junkyard.

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How is that configured? Are both on an electronic display?

In the old days, with mechanical odometers, replacing a defective instrument cluster with one from a junkyard was easy and foolproof. You did not have to worry about programming; it was plug-and-play. Also, you could see how many miles are on it before you install it.

Newer cars, which utilize a digital odometer display often employ protection in the sense that the VIN is programmed into the instrument cluster, and cannot be (easily) overwritten in a used instrument cluster. When the VIN stored in the instrument cluster does not match the VIN stored in the PCM, a tamper state will occur, and the mileage going forward will not update properly. This makes a used instrument cluster an unappealing option, especially if the old one only had minor problems.

I do not know if the instrument cluster in a Nissan Versa contains this type of protection, or if the mileage is even stored in the cluster. Perhaps someone who knows more about Nissan vehicles can let us know.

Some of these dash boards have a resistor and diode pack on the back of the display panel. If you know someone good with a soldering iron, just reflowing the solder will get the LEDs working again.