1998 Nissan Pathfinder needs a cluster panel

where can I buy a cluster panel for my car. nizzan pathfinder 1998

Try Ebay, Try Ebay

Local auto recycler. (junk yard)


This model has a digital odometer/trip meter readout. Unsure if the mileage is stored in the instrument cluster on this model, but if it is, then you won’t know what the mileage is going to be until it’s already installed. This will make it difficult to source a replacement with mileage close to what your SUV has.

There are companies online who claim to be able to repair your existing instrument cluster, perhaps that might be something worth looking in to?

You’re kidding?


Here you’re worried that the mileage might not read right on the instrument cluster.

But in another post, it’s not a problem if the Check Engine light is on all the time?

What kind of advice is that?


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If I needed to replace an instrument cluster on a vehicle that I own, I would want one which shows mileage within +/- 10% of actual. There are several reasons for this, one being that I rely upon the mileage to track when I need to do periodic maintenance such as replacing spark plugs, changing coolant, replacing belts and hoses, etc.

The other reason is that if the vehicle is stolen, or involved in an accident, I want an insurance payout based on (as close as possible) to its actual mileage. The last thing I’d want is to have the value diminished by tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of miles which I never even drove.

98 Nissan Pathfinder.

Probably has 200,000+ miles on it.

Has liability insurance. No collision/theft insurance.

At this point, I would be more concerned about why the Check Engine light is on. than what the mileage on the odometer reads.


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