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05 Nissan Murano SL. Took to mechanic now have nothing but issues!need some advice

Ok to begin I took my Nissan Murano in because I was barely able to reach 20 MPH. No power whatsoever. Devouring oil. You name it.
Anyway the guy said I need a new (used) engine.
Cost $700 just to remove the engine. Altogether with the engine and labor came out at $2085.
Was suppose to take 3-4 days he said. Ended up taking over 1 1/2. Which I didn’t mind as long as the car was fixed!
Okay I got it back the very first thing I noticed was steering was SO hard to turn. He said it should loosen up in a couple days. It didn’t. Took it back let him have it for hours. Didn’t get fixed.
He said it may need a new power steering pump (funny, didn’t need one BEFORE)
2nd thing I noticed… The steering was off to the left. He said that it he could fix that.
When I got it back at first it was on straight then it just started turning about one day to the left then upside down then back to the top.
Ok no problem. Took it back he said it was something to do with the steering column not being pushed in well so he bolted it or something.
Ok got it back and the steering is still off to the left a bit and now it pulls to the left.
Tell him and so he re does the “bolting” fix.
Steering still really hard to turn so he tells me I have to pay for a new rack and pinion!!! That is ISNT the steering pump.
And on top of that NOW my horn, air bag light is flashing, sound control panel on the steering wheel and cruise control ALL isn’t working.
So he said I HAVE to pay for something to get it fixed BUT he will WORK WITH ME on labor cost!!!
Ummm… Absolutely none of these were a problem before WHY DO I have to pay to get them fixed.
I’m confused and need some advice.
I’ve been beyond patient with this guy. But I NEED my car to work! I have a son I have to take back and fourth to school!
What in the world do I do in this situation.
I would pay someone else, but I don’t have the money and I personally feel he is at fault!

The guy disconnected the steering column from the rack itself and possibly he’s disconnected the wiring harness to the wheel and/or un-synced the steering wheel controls from the computer. He has NO idea how to get it back in the right place or fix it and he’s doing it on YOUR dime. And he made the car dangerous to you and everyone around you on the road. He will likely NOT get this fixed, ever, and you will spend and spend and still not have your car.

You only have one option, take your car to a competent mechanic, explain, as best you can, what you asked your old mechanic to do and let him diagnose and repair what the previous guy screwed up.


I agree with Mustang. I would add that you can consider having everything documented with photos by the new shop and take the first shop to small claims court for remuneration. IMHO the first shop should never have done what he did, and he should be held accountable.


I took it to a new mechanic today. He said that the wheel was put in up side down and the it is just basically bobbin around and that I will probably need a new rack and pinion, but he suggested that first before anything go and get a wheel alignment and let the place document what is messed up.
Then go to the other shop and try to get him to pay for labor and parts. If he don’t want to then take him to court!
This guy has 25 years under his belt. He took a look under the hood and the lifted the car up.
He said also my my axle is going bad. He was shocked the other mechanic didn’t mention it, he also didn’t mention that my air bags and horn and stuff wasn’t working!!!
I can’t believe how dishonest and crummy this mechanic is!! Multiple time I’ve brought both my kids in! How could he give me back my car in such an unsafe state!
Friday I will be getting the wheel alignment and then me and the first mechanic will have to have a conversation!

I agree! Everyone needs money,but I’m not going to put people in danger for it! I have a 5 yo and a 3yo! He has small children as well. You would think he would be a good enough person to my put my kids in danger, but I guess you can’t always expect people to be honest.
I hope he will work with me and give me the money for labor and parts! If not then it looks like court is the only way! I don’t want him doing this to other people!

I’m not defending anything the first guy may or may not have done wrong but I have a point about the second guy.

Why in the world is he recommending an alignment if the rack and pinion is faulty? That’s asinine and pointless.

He wants me to go to an actual alignment place, not his shop. He said after the alignment it will show him for certain that it is the rack and pinion. Also he said that they will be able to tell where and how the other mechanic messed up and I’ll have it documented in case the first mechanic doesn’t want to pay. Then I’ll have a document showing the judge that a professional has stated this and that about the job. I’ll get more info Friday and I’ll update what mechanic one has to say about paying and how much everything else will be.

I personally wouldn’t leave the first mechanic touch the car again.

It does sound like a smart thing that the second mechanic sugested. Take it for an alignment and get the errors documented.
It also could be that the second mechanic does not have the equiptment to do alignments…many don’t.



He may have them I’m not sure, but he said this place they specialize in it. So he thought it best to get it done by someone who only does things like alignments.
I’m going to try to speak to this first mechanic and hope he has some sort of decency and honor. If he does hopefully he will pay for the 2nd mechanic to fix what he messed up!!
Just the thought of leaving my car in his hands gives me a headache. Who KNOWS what he will mess up next…

If the second mechanic can’t diagnose the problems and provide an estimate there is no reason to return to him. Have the alignment/suspension shop diagnose and write the estimate, you don’t need three shops involved.

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He told me today that it should be around $395 for the rack and pinions.
Do alignment shops price those sort of jobs?

You should find a shop capable of repairing and aligning the car, going back and forth between shops is unnecessary.

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I fail to see how an alignment is going to diagnose a rack and pinion problem. It may show an a toe-in or toe-out error caused by worn tie rods or tie rod ends but those are diagnosed without the use of an alignment rack.

The alignment rack will NOT show a problem with the rack and pinion due to fluid pressure issues or whatever. Sorry, but the line of thinking is a bit off.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the first mechanic put the wheel in upside down or something. The 2nd mechanic said it is bobbin around and was upside down.
I don’t know much about cars or what a wheel alignment is, but I’m going to ask more about it Friday. I didn’t have much time today to ask everything I wanted. When I find out I’ll run it by you guys

I agree, the alignment should be done last. The steering and suspension should be inspected and diagnosed first. It sounds like shop #2 wanted the car gone or is incapable of assessing the problems.

The second shop was under no obligation to work on the car, AFAIK

Perhaps the shop owner didn’t want to get into a “He said, she said” situation

Maybe the main purpose is just to get a record of me taking it to a professional and getting documentation of this. Idk honestly. I will ask because I need to know the ground I’m walking on if that makes sense.
I’m still trying to figure out how to go about talking to mech 1 about the damages to my car, as I’m not a very confrontational person. I feel I’ve gave him adaquet chances to fix this issue begings since the engine replacement I’ve dropped my car off there 5-6 times for the same problem and it came back worse and worse! Ugh!!!

You should only have to visit one shop to get this inspected and repaired, if shop #2 can’t perform both it is the wrong shop.

FWIW, a locally sourced used engine would cost me $1500 and the labor required is 14 hours, easily double what you paid. Your mechanic is working dirt cheap and that may be due to the quality he is capable of. That doesn’t justify having your steering column shaft become disconnected while you drive but you are tempting fate using a guy like this.

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Ok guys update!
Went and paid a visit to mechanic 1 and I told him I went and visited another mechanic for a second opinion :}. Then things turned around…
Now he is saying that it MAY be just the shaft that connect to the rack. He said when removing it they had to use a CROWBAR and it bent up the shaft some he thinks it may not fit like it did so he is going to get that part and the clock spring without charging me anything.

This guy sounds like a total hack . . . no wonder he’s not charging a lot

Because he knows the quality of his work ain’t worth squat