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Nissan Murano Radio Repair

I’ve been getting the run around from Nissan Consumer Affairs and my Nissan Dealership. My issue is I have a radio tuner than no longer works in my 2005 Nissan Murano. I had an independant audio store look at it and they determined it was a defective tuner. My CDs work fine, it’s just the tuner is bad. I’m trying to get Nissan to help out with this matter but they insist I have to take it to the dealer. The dealer wants me to pay their diagnostic fee, knowing it’s the car tuner that’s defective. My warranty expired so no luck there. During my 5th conversation, my dealer told me that Nissan Consumer Affairs would contact the dealer who would flat out tell them I’m not a “good customer” because they haven’t serviced my Murano in 2 years. They pointed out that I turned down the 60k mile maintentance, haven’t had oil changes done tehre, etc. and there was no way Nissan Consumer Affairs would assist knowing I don’t take my car to the dealer for servicing. Should I bite the bullet and spend the $400 to get this fixed on my own? Any action I can take up with Nissan Consumer Affairs to have them rectify this matter? The fact they said I was not a good customer is a flat out insult. The car is paid off and every single payment was made on time. Any insight would be appreciated.

Tuned Out in CT

Why do you expect their help on a 6-year-old vehicle? Go back to that independent shop and ask what it’ll cost to replace the tuner.

And you aren’t a ‘good customer’ by their measure, you aren’t spending your money their. It’s not an insult, it’s a description of how much money you spend there.

I can’t just replace the tuner. They need to ship out the entire radio to Bose to service and fix. I’m looking at about $400 when it’s all said and done. It can’t be replaced by a non factory part.

OK, sounds like you don’t have many options. You might just have to pay the $400.

And remember, paying off your car on time did not put any money in the service department’s coffers, and that’s what they care about.

Regarding the dealer’s diagnosis fee - they can credit that towards the cost of repair, ask if they’d do that, at least.

Expecting the manufacturer to pay for a non-essential/non-safety-related item like radio repair after 6 years is not realistic.
Expecting the manufacturer for pay for a non-essential/non-safety-related item like radio repair when you do not fit their definition of a “good customer” is especially unrealistic.

You might be able to get “good-will” assistance with something that actually has to do with the functioning of the car, especially if you had been a steady customer at the dealer’s service department, but under these circumstances I can’t imagine any car manufacturer doing what you expect of them.

Everything has limits–including warranties–and you are about 3 years too late for free or low-cost repairs.

replace the whole head unit - that’s what texases meant - probably pay way under $400 for a CD/radio.

I think Dave will have a problem tring to find a CD/radio that’ll fit, Crutchfield lists no replacements for Muranos with the Bose system. This is one downside of the current push for car-specific systems.

You may be able to find a replacement radio on Ebay. They have some good deals there. You can also deal directly with a repair shop yourself and get your unit repaired. Here is a link to one of them.

You’re off base on this matter. It’s an '05 car that was probably built in '04 and this makes the car and the radio that’s attached to it going on 7 years old. Warranty coverage is not meant to run forever. If this were the case Nissan would be bankrupt because everyone on the planet always wants an “exception” in their predicament.

There is a very good and very legitimate reason for their refusal to step and cover this for you. While the maintenance, oil changes, etc have zilch to do with radio operation it’s also an indicator to corporate Nissan that you do not maintain your vehicle and/or do not want the dealer to do so.
If you were a fastidious about maintenance, repeat customer, etc then a Good Will warranty is at least a possibility.
Nissan has done nothing wrong and the fact that the vehicle is paid off, all payments made on time, and so on is totally irrelevant.

Find a good used unit or an electronics store who may come up with an aftermarket unit.