Nissan hardbody power window battery drain

Hi, my 2006 Nissan Hardbody does not want to start in the mornings. Ive established that this is due to a parasidic battery drain. Ive narrowed it down to the power windows. As soon as i take out the power window fuse the amp drainage reduces dramatically. Ive taken of the door panels and disconnected the switches, however the drainage remains. What else could i check

The problem might be with the Body Control Module.

The BCM controls the power window operation. And the BCM has power supplied to it at all times. Even with the ignition off. The other two fuses for the power windows only has power supplied to them when the ignition switch is on.


Since it stopped when you pulled the fuse, it could be in the wiring bundle where it enters the door. The wiring bundle runs through a boot between the body and the door and it flexes every time you move the door.

BTW, the Hardbody was discontinued in 1997, so either your truck is a Frontier or it is not a 2006. If is not a 2006, and it is a Hardbody, then it also doesn’t have a BCM.