Window problem on 2005 tahoe Z71 PLEASE HELP!

I am having problems with the drivers side window! i press the button to roll the window down and it goes all the way down i can’t stop it. then i can’t roll it back up. I have to disconnect power to it somehow either fuse, battery or unplug the power window/lock/mirror unit. not sure what is wrong. the unit that controls all the other windows, locks, mirror works fine with everything else. do I’m not sure if this is the problem or if my window regulator or motor are the problem. the window goes up and down fine when it works.

More than likely the door switch is flakey. The drivers window switch gets the most use.

All the power windows in your vehicle are controlled thru the Body Control Module.

The fact that you can’t stop the window from rolling completely down, and that the window works sometimes and sometimes not could be a problem with the BCM.


I had a problem with my passenger side window a while ago after disconnecting the battery a while ago and had to reprogram the BCM, a simple process. IMHO both tester and knfen have equal odds of being right, and it might also be flakey limit switches on the window regulator assembly.

Find out from the dealer’s parts guy what the reprogramming protocol is and try it. If it doesn’t help, you’re going to have to remove the door panel and go at it with a multimeter. You might as well get the “exploded view” door panel drawing and the wiring schematic while you’re at the dealer’s parts window. Ask nicely and they should print all this stuff for you.

what is the BCM (body control module) I am pretty mechanically inclined and have never heard of it. I know what a PCM is. I have never had any electrical problem with this tahoe and i bought it new in '05 with 7 miles on it. the window worked fine sunday night and monday morning i tried using it and it went straight down. like i said earlier if i cut power to that switch, either by unplugging the harness, pulling the fuse, or unplugging the battery the window goes back up without me touching the window switch ie. if i unplugged the battery and make contact with the battery it will go up while i am standing at the battery. every thing else with that master control switch works great