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Nissan 350Z or Mitsubishi Eclipse

I am thinking of buying a car but can’t decide between a 2003 Nissan 350Z with 87000 miles on it, or a 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 57000 miles on it. It will be a commuter car for me. I don’t know a lot about Mitsubishis. Any thoughts?

The 350Z is a much better car. It will hold up longer and need less repairs than the Eclipse.

I’d also go with the Z, if it’s in good shape, you need to have it inspected. And if you fit, it’s too tight for me.

I’d go with the Z as well. But I know not your likes, needs, or budget. As a commuter, you need to consider mileage and insurance costs before making a decision. Whichever you choose, get it checked out thoroughly.

Yep, those 3.5 - 3.7 l Nissan V6s do use the gas…

Yeah, they definitely ain’t econoboxes, but I love 'em!

Z. No contest. It has a superior engine by a long shot and a pleasure to drive.

The only thing the Eclipse may have is a more comfortable ride.

Does the 350Z have any aftermaret equipment on it like a tuner chip or different suspension mods? Aftermarket turbo/super charger? If so, run away from it.

The Z can fly by the Eclipe on the highway.
The Eclipse can fly by the Z at the gas station.

The Z is a much better car, but it’s also much more expensive to support.