2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse w/Spoiler

I’ve been looking at a 2dr '03 Mitsibishi Eclipse w/full power.Very clean one owner car, for $7800-new brakes/tires. My son’s friend said Mitsubishis are hard/costly to repair and parts can be hard to find. Can anyone verify this? I’m a 72yr old female and con’t fix cars. Thanks for any advice.

Agree; this is not the car I would recommend for you or my wife for that matter. My wife is 68 years old, very fit, but she would object to the lack of visibility in traffic and when parking. As others mentioned, this car will be much more expensive to maintain and repair than, say , a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.

There are a large number of user-friendly and inexpensive to repair cars available, so I would not saddle mayself with this potential money pit. A Hyundai Elantra, Mazda 3, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla are all very sturdy cars that are inexpensive to keep going.

Have you actually driven this car? The Eclipse is an entry-level sports car with lots of road noise and a less than smooth ride, which I imagine is something you may not be looking for at your age. If you are- accept my apologies.

As for the car itself this particular model is reasonably reliable and parts are easy enough to get. These cars are a dime a dozen where I live. However, we don’t know where in the country you’re living, so perhaps you just don’t have many imports or import dealers where you live. Cost of parts will be higher than an American car, but typical for an import. It’s best to find out who owned the car first because if it was in the hands of a teenager it may have been abused.

If you do buy it make sure to have it maintained frequenctly and follow the owners manual precisely if you want it to last a long time. However, I would suggest you look into a different vehicle which will be more of a pleasure for you to drive.