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Which car to get

So I’m stationed in Colorado for the next 3 years and looking to get a car that preferably has AWD but I also want something fast. I’m really wanting to get an Evo X GSR, they’re just beautiful cars and I have never had a turbo before. I’ve also heard they can be modded so much and still be able to handle the hp. Most of my friends have 370z’s and I’m not sure if I should get that or a nice infiniti maybe. What’s your thoughts? Which one is better? Thanks!

Get the Mitsubishi because they are more reliable than Nissan products.Forget the 370z because the manual transmission is weak and costly to repair.The Infinity products are no better.


Yeah I’ve heard that 370zs are not that reliable but Idk how reliable the evos are either

My good friend 'the mechanic" across the street drives one and has 0 problem with it.

Okay that’s good to hear, I know I could get a 370z for cheaper but I’m more than okay to spend more for an evo x gsr

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Check out our parent site has all the info you need

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The newest one that you might be able to find would now be 4 years old, and the way that it was driven, plus the way that it was maintained, by the preceding owner(s) will determine how reliable that 4 year old–or more–car will be. Since you will have no idea how the previous owner(s) might have raced/abused the car, you really need to have a competent mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection.

And, it would also be a very good idea to only buy one whose maintenance records are available.
You don’t want to buy a used car whose owner believed in… extended… oil change intervals.

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Good advice from @VDCdriver. Be patient when looking for one if you want to keep it for a few years. Before you buy one, contact your auto insurer and see what it will cost to insure the Evo. I imagine you’ll find the cost breathtaking, especially if you use it as a daily driver. If you don’t use it daily, you might find better costs through a specialty insurer like Hagerty or Grundy.

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No that makes sense I’ve been screwed over before I’m I plan to take it to good year to get that 121 point inspection and going to be checking those car fax to see if it’s been salvaged or something

No that’s something I need to be sure to check also because I’ll have to get full coverage insurance so gotta be sure that I can afford it all

I strongly advise that you have a pre-purchase inspection done by an independent mechanic with a good reputation. Don’t go to a chain-run operation like Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, or AAMCO, and don’t take it to a tire shop.

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If you know you’re only going to be there for 3 years, you might look into leasing a new car like a Subaru WRX or BRZ.

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I am going to say don’t lease . This is a person in the armed service . They could be transferred at a moments notice and not have time to find a way out of a lease which would also have a costly penalty.


Which is why I said if they knew they were going to stay there for 3 years. Since most leases are that long, all they’d have to do is turn the car in at the end before they moved.

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But that is not a given time period in the military . Assignments are subject to change at a moments notice. Apparently you never served or new anyone in the service.


No I get that definitely, but with my job I’m already considered deployed in place and with our very low Manning that I’m almost guaranteed to be there for atleast 3 years. It’s unlike most of the other jobs. But it does make sense not to lease I’m not trying to get some opinions

Actually the Service members Civil Relief Act makes it possible to terminate a lease early under certain circumstances if the OP were transferred overseas.

Terminating an automotive lease

Under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, National Guard and reserve service members can end automotive leases early if they are called to active duty for a minimum of 180 days.

A National Guard or reserve member may be protected if:

Orders for a permanent change of station relocate the member to a different state
Military orders for a PCS move the member outside of the continental United States
The member deploys at least 180 days
To terminate an automotive lease, members need to:
Give the dealership written notice of the intent to break the lease and a copy of your military orders.
Return the vehicle no later than 15 days after delivery of the written notice.

If you are successful, your lease should end the day you return the vehicle.