S.o.s urgent!

im thinking of buying a car

of course ive only got 14,000

and i gotta buy it cash cause the parents will freak if i dont(even thought the moneys mine)besides that heres the questions

A used 350 z by credit(16,000 with 32,000 miles?

a new lancer ( im concerned if the evos engine parts are compatible)?

or a volvo( 800 bucks well maintained?

a yaris (im planning on becoming a drifter)?

or to hell with it and buy an old car thats cheap and fix it up?

remember i had a old kia and the trans gave out( they think it was my fault) and strict parents who give you the dissapaointed look when you buy a car they are not pleased with( the damn kia was not my idea)

be practical with gas at 5 bucks a gallon, the yaris.

yeah, yeah i know, your friends wont think its cool, but when you are driving, while they are asking for a ride will be WAY cool.

Reuben Gonza is back!!

For that money a new Corolla would be in my future.

Those darned, old, practical, pragmatic parents possibly freaking out and daring to question the “infamous drifter.” Go for the gusto! You certainly deserve it! Get the 350Z and, as my nurse daughter says, “Drive fast beause we need the organs.”

I’d get either a Nissan Versa or a Honda Fit if I wanted a small car. Small FWD cars are a lot of fun. I used to scare friends regularly by flooring it in the turns. The back end would break loose and the rear seat passengers would careen from side to side. One particular friend with a 400 Firebird was highly impressed with the fun quotient. The 'rents will never know… unless you hit something.

If you’re planning to drift your car, you can forget the Yaris and the Lancer, because they’re both front wheel drive, and it’s really hard to drift a FWD car. And, NO, you can’t make an EVO out of a basic Lancer. NO, you can’t. Not for the money you have.

Volvo? What’s a Volvo doing here? An $800 Volvo is something you shake your head and walk away from.

If you really want to drift, the 350Z is your only choice, but do you have any idea, really, how much money it takes to own and maintain a 350Z? I bet you don’t, otherwise you would not have posted this question. Buying a car is one thing. Maintaining it is something else.

At your age, the car will own you, not the other way around.

You will pour every cent you make into this car. It will require premium gasoline, which is now $4.50 a gallon and rising, and anything that needs to be repaired will be expensive. A Nissan 350Z is a car for people who make a lot of money. Do you make a lot of money?

I know, it’s a gorgeous car, and a drifter’s delight, but is it worth all of your money, every cent, and then some?

Sit down, calm yourself, and rethink this whole thing.

You can buy a LOT of car for $14K. Don’t squander your money. Take some time, think about this, and find a car that’s right for you.

and don’t forget that the 350Z most likely requires high octane fuel, not the cheapo stuff.

Hopefully the OP will make lots of cash drifting it.

When I first read your post, I thought you typed cRash, but it was just what I was thinking I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try looking at a '90-'93 Mustang, look for the 4 cylinder, 5 speed. Go for reliability, available spare parts and forget drifting; it’s a great way to get intimatewith mailboxes and phone poles.