Nissan 2010 Cube

I am seriously considering buying a 2010. They are being offered for $2,000 off the window – plus possibly another $1,000???

I’d appreciate any insights!



I am going to suggest that you invest a few bucks in a copy of the Consumer Reports New Car Buyers Guide.
This publication, which is available at Barnes & Noble and some other large news stands, has a complete review (including test drive results, reliability ratings, and owner satisfaction ratings) of every passenger vehicle sold in the US.

The guide has relative rankings in each price class and each size class, and it will allow you to do your vehicle search in a much more organized manner than asking random people random questions about random models.

If you want my opinion of the Cube, I think that it is an “okay” vehicle for someone who is interested in good fuel economy, and can overlook its very quirky styling, its high interior noise levels, and its poor handling and mediocre brakes.

The Nissan dealer here had a couple of them on the lot and they sat there for more than six months before anyone bought them.

If this one is a brand new 2010 on the dealer lot that could explain why they’re discounting it. Dealers do not want vehicles to malinger on the lot (referred to as Lot Lizards) and they’re wanting to be rid of it.

If you like the vehicle and the price is right it may be a deal.

I have a Versa S with the same engine as the Cube, and it is a VERY good running engine. I would have to wonder about the highway MPG, though. Nissan lists it as 30 or 31, depending on the transmission, but reviews that I have read seem to indicate that it doesn’t like airflow very much.

BTW, the Versa comes pretty cheap, and mine is quite nice, and comfortable! No beauty queen, but I’d certainly take it over the Cube.

A colleague in the office next to my office bought a Nissan Cube and seems to like it. He does a lot of camping. He had a VW van before the Nissan Cube. I like the way it looks–it is different from other cars.