What do you think about the new Nissan Cube 2009?

I recently posted about purchasing a used PT Cruiser.

There may be an alternative decision >> to maybe purchase a new car instead…

I test drove the Nissan Cube, and found the seat to be very comfortable. I also really like the steering and in general, the drive was very enjoyable and very smooth and easy!

I may need to make a decision … to go for a brand new car, or used. (depending on $$$ / loan >> “personal” stuff!!)

Oddly, it came out very very late and as everyone else is selling 2010’s, Nissan is selling the Cube 2009. They told me it was a Nissan Versa but with a different body.

I would appreciate your opinions about the new Nissan Cube.

If you like it, great. The car’s fine, the styling is ‘unique’…have you also looked at the Kia Soul?

I have not read anything about it but I saw one yesterday. As styling goes it’s as ugly as a monkeys butt.

Thank you. Yes I actually test drove it too, and it was ok, but found something very different with the Nissan drive…love the steering, the smooth drive and the brake system. The interior dash on the KIa etc. seemed a bit chintzy. The price was about the same- I would rather purchase a Nissan rather than Kia.

I just found this description: “This is a compact powered by a 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder engine that delivers a peak horsepower of 122 at 5,200 rpm. The car conforms to the Tier 2 Bin 5 emission standards and its fuel tank has a capacity to store 13.2 gallons. The Cube is a front wheel drive fitted with power assisted drum brakes. The car also has vehicle speed sensitive electric power steering and is mounted with ripple control shock absorbers. Additionally, the Cube is equipped with traction control and tire pressure monitoring systems for safety.
and … Nissan’s excellent continuously variable transmission.”

BUT, I am concerned about the Cube “appearing” so low to the ground - and worried about the deep snow in Montreal.

Is it really any lower than other cars…or is it my imagination? Should I be worried -will I get stuck in snow?!

I drove a VW Rabbit for 12 years in Anchorage, never got stuck, and it didn’t have much ground clearance. I did have winter tires on wheels, which might be a good idea in Montreal, too!

Is it the first asymmetric car?

I don’t know about the cube, but I drove Scion xB for a while and it was definitely a case of appearing lower to the ground than it was. Not that it had a ton of ground clearance, but it was no worse than most Japanese cars.

Keep in mind that it gets better mileage than its competitors (Scion XB, Kia Soul).

Personally, I think the car is a melted Scion XB. It will certainly stand out (better than your PT Cruiser), and if you like that stuff, then go for it.

Well seen an older couple in one yesterday,seemed to have plenty of headroom,cant you get thet thing with AWD system?-Kevin

To be honest I think it’s one of the ugliest vehicles on the road; the rear window isn’t even symmetrical. But to be honest I’m not a fan the “roadgoing toaster” styling that it and similar vehicles have (Scion Xb, Honda Element, Ford Transit, and the new Kia,etc.)As a whole though. It also seems that these vehicles are lightly constructed the Elemen’s lack of a B pillar makes it a death trap in side collisions, and the 1st generation Scion XB’s were breaking windshields because they exhibited so much flex in the A pillars.

The Cube will be MUCH more reliable than a used PT Cruiser, it will get better mileage, and it will come with a warranty.

As long as you don’t have to do a lot of highway driving the Cube would be fine. Not sure I’d want to drive one at highway speed on a windy day, however.

Phew…thank you for your support!!

Yes, I will stay home on windy days > especially windy days avoiding driving over a bridge
& over water! :slight_smile:

(still in “decision” mode…IF the $$$ personal loan comes through, plus other “variables”!)

Thank you for your opinion regarding it’s beauty, and information regarding the safety. Would you know if there is a place to find out about the safety on the Cube. I know that it has been in Japan for several years (4yrs.?).

That’s good to know…although my head is not really that big.

Re: AWD…if I do purchase the Cube, I can only afford the base model, with no extra options, or changes.

Thanks for your opinion and information…although mileage for me, is not important as I do not drive much. My deceased Eagle Summit only had 62,000 km. after 16 years!!

Thank you for your opinion…

what type of monkey?

Thank you for your opinion.
Just curious - did you drive it in winter?

Thank you for your reply. Yes, here in Montreal there is a law that everyone who is on the road MUST have winter tires installed by Dec. 15th, and if not, there is a hefty fine!
I am wondering about the ground clearance because recently the City of Montreal announced that this winter they will be cutting back on certain services, such as >> reduced snow clearing !!!:frowning: (They have deficits etc.!)

Here’s a site which summarizes safety info: http://www.informedforlife.org/
You’ll need to check out the 2010 Cube, they don’t have info for the 2009, but I think it’s the same. The 2009 model is a new version of the Cube.

I would go for the Cube, and you will be set for the next 15-20 years. Buy the PT Cruiser and you will have a lot more repairs and you’ll have to buy another car in 8 years or so. I already mentioned the parts problems you will likely encounter in the future with a PT Cruiser.

Good luck!