Nissan cube - Do I want it?

Ok so my old Volvo qualifies for Cash for Clunkers, and the $4,500.00 I’ll get off a new car is way more than I would get otherwise. I’m seriously considering a Nissan cube, but since it’s fairly new, I have little information on how people LIKE the car.

Anyone have any experiences or stories to share? Links to reviews? Anything?


And by that I mean I would get the SL trim with CVT, so it gets on average, 30 mpg, and I can likely talk them down to $16k (or less!) meaning I would get the car for a maximum of $11,500.00.

THe Cube is new in the US, but I think it’s been sold in Japan for a few years.

Google “Nissan Cube.” There are plenty of reviews, etc. Mechanically it’s similar to a Versa.

If you’re considering a Cube you should also look at the Kia Soul.

Just make sure you drive it for an extended test drive, especially on the freeway if that’s part of your routine - it’s not what you’d call powerful, but that may be fine with you.

Without a doubt, I would only consider any car after having logged some mileage in it. Spend lots of time behind the wheel driving it exactly like it’s intended use. Then and only then would it be worthwhile to throw good money at it.