New Car Purchase

I need a reliable, fuel-efficient, cute new car for less than $25,000. What should I get?

The Consumer Reports car buying guide, it has pictures and specifications. ‘Cute’ is hard to pick from here. Miata? Fit? Scion xD? Yaris? Mazda 3? Prius? Insight? It’s a long list, many of which you’ll automatically reject.

You’re going to need to be more specific.

What type of car are you looking for?
2 door, 4 door, Hatchback, 2 seater sports car, SUV, etc?

What is fuel efficient to you?
How much fuel efficiency are you willing to give up for power and sporty handling?

Come back when you have an idea of what you are looking for.


Ok, I’m thinking a two door car with at least 18city/25highway. Since this will be my only car, I need something with a little room, though I very rarely have even one passenger. I guess, I just need a decent-sized trunk for a bit of traveling.

The VW New Beetle automatically comes to mind, but it’s not very roomy. How about the Nissan Cube, if the styling doesn’t turn you off?

You owe it to yourself to try the Honda Fit, a cute, fun to drive, economical hatchback. If you have to have 2 doors only, I would recommend a Hyundai Accent hatchback, which has 2 doors and loads of room with the backseat down. Very economial to operate and maintain and reliable as well.

“What should I get?” You should get whatever reliable, fuel-efficient, cute new car for less than $25,000 you find most attractive. There are many from which to choose.

Have fun shopping.

You can see pictures and EPA fuel mileage here:

Click on ‘coupe’ and ‘small car’ classes and see what’s available. You might weant to look at the Mini Cooper and Mini Clubman. Both offer outstanding fuel mileage, but you must use premium fuel. But that will cost you about $62.50 more per year for each 10,000 miles you drive. The Minis get 32 MPG combined. Any car with an average less than 30 MPG will cost more for fuel than the Mini, even with regular gas.

Lots to choose from. First forget cute. If you will excuse the sexist remark, the
word “cute” has caused more car problems and wasted money for women than anything I can think of. For the money you are talking, go see a Subaru dealer. Do NOT take any extended warranty. Before you buy, compare the dealer financing plan with one from your credit union or bank. I’ve been up this tree with my wife and two daughters. Old Guy who has driven Subarus for years.