Next time, get somebody to fill your tank for you

All I can say is… yikes!

Good match for a drive in movie theater speaker.

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No matches, please!!!

Whew!! Not “Florida Man” this time!

The hose broke off at the pump end? hmmm … More proof that Fords are built Ford-Tough :wink:


Heh heh. I probably mentioned it before but some years ago we got a new Safety Officer. She was pretty young but tried hard. One time she admitted to driving off with the gas nozzle still in the filler tube. No fire or anything and don’t remember if she had to pay any damages. I guess it happens from time to time.

There is a break away coupling in the hose intended for these accidents.


Does Florida Man change his name if he spends his summers in NJ?

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Well there goes a few hundred bucks for the gas station operator down the road.

Those breakaways are designed to separate fairly easily and if the yo-yo doesn’t drive away with the nozzle and hose there’s usually no damage done.

When I had my own place the gas pumps were open 24 hrs with no staff between midnight and 6am. Every now and then the morning cashier would find a separated hose coiled up next to a gas pump. Never had anyone just drive away with one though.

I guess I will never understand how the idiots can do this. All I can think of is: Get your face out of your phone and experience reality!!!

I agree, but–let’s face it–some people did incredibly stupid things like this before the era of Smartphones.

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Of course they/we did but it seems to have exponentially increased with widespread use of phones. Jaywalking is for some reason legal in my state. They have always crossed in the middle of the block stepping out between parked vehicles but they at least looked! The phone addicts just step into traffic without a clue. Pedestrians have been raised on a myth that they have absolute right of way over traffic. Of course I would never hit one on purpose because I had the right of way. Jaywalking is legally at their risk as is stepping off the curb against a don’t walk pedestrian signal. They do it all the time. Don’t get me started on bicyclists and skateboarders. I have previously commented that the only manual read less than the vehicle owner manual is the state DMV manual.