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Gas nozzle problem

When I was filling up my car with gas today, the nozzle didn’t shut off automatically and I ended up with gas all over the side of my car and all over the concrete. The gas station attendant said I was holding the handle too tightly or that there was something wrong with my car. Since this has never happened before, I think it was the gas nozzle malfunctioning. What do you think?

I think you are right.

I had this happen to me once. Once, because I never went back to that station. Never had thi issue at any other station anywhere else.


Ditto. The attendant is probably a min wage drone with no idea how things work.

Interesting angle. I was angry because I thought he was being dishonest, but maybe he is uneducated/misinformed. But regardless, the customers’ safety is in his hands, so it’s a bad situation.

It’s always easier to blame you than to get the nozzle repaired. Sad but true.