What should I drive next?

I can’t decide on what kind of car to buy. I want something cute… some pick up… but fuel efficient… Maybe a compact SUV (I drive a Ford Escape now)… but would consider the right kind of sedan… (would love a Mustang convertible )… but that is another story… Don’t want to spend a fortune! Not trading in… unless anyone wants a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?? I drive all day for work… but just around town… not too far really… in and out of car… need to get to the back/storage easily… Would love heated seats and a sun roof… (OK… I am a 50 something… married… kids finally graduated from college… but very young at heart!!!)… want to have a little fun driving around…

I will take any and all suggestions!!! Can not even decide what to test drive… I am driving myself crazy!!! Help!

First, take a look at a Mustang Convertible, pop open the trunk. Perhaps there is more space in there than you expected. A Mustang convertible with a V6 engine is plenty peppy and you don’t have to buy a fully optioned super expensive version.

I have a T’bird convertible (an '04) but I also enjoy my Honda Civic. The Civic is smaller so it has a sporty feel, get great mpg, and the trunk is really very big for a compact car.

I rented a Dodge Caliper and found the space inside was very good and the rear seats fold down to make more storage space. I’m not sure I’d want to own one, but it was a fun car to drive for a week on vacation in FL.

Visit some car showrooms and just look around. A used Toyota Solara convertible might be just the ticket for you.

I like the way you think! Very good recommendations… I will definitely try your suggestions! Thanks… As soon as our freak October snow storm clears… I am getting out there to do some test drives. The conservatives poo poo the poor mustang because of the rear wheel drive and fishtail in the snow. Never considered the Solara… will look at it.

A RAV4 v6. Fairly fuel efficient for what you get. Hold on when you step on the gas. The Mustang IMO is a no brainer but if winter driving is a concern, you will definitely have to make tire, driving habits and weight adjustments. Scion tC as well.

I know I know… I might have to wait to have my little mustang convertible :frowning: Considering the Jeep Compass. … heated seats??? Affordable.

You are what you drive…

My Compass is terrible in the snow. I suspect that if I put top quality winter tires on it, it might get up to the level of my old Buick on all-seasons. Also, cargo space is abysmal.

My co-worker has a Honda Fit. This car has a lower roof, narrower track, and is shorter than my Compass. He can literally carry twice as much gear as I can.

I love my little Mazda CX-7. Turbo 4cyl, sunroof, heated leather seats, backup camera, Bose stereo, HIDs, navigation, all for about the price of a convertible 'Stang.

What about a hatchback? The Ford Fiesta, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, and Chevrolet Sonic are all worth looking at. Since you like Fords, take a look at the Fiesta on line and see if it appeals to you. They all get about 30 MPG city and 40 MPG highway.

macfisto… thanks for advise on Compass… i will save myself trouble of test drive…
bscar… like your advise… looked at this Mazda CX7 on line… might give that a whirl.
Cadyman… you are making me cry… I want my pony!!!
jtsanders… your heart is in the right place… I look at these cars and say why not… then ask myself… why
Love Car Talk… so glad I came here to ask! Thanks everyone!!!

you can get almost 30 mpg with the 2.5L engine of the Cx-7, but it won’t have that extra punch to it. The turbo engine is rated 24 on the highway with AWD drivetrain, but the handling and fun factor make up for lower mpgs. I’ll also note that the new turbo recommends(doesn’t require) premium fuel, but that’s all I’ve ever fed mine.