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What should I buy?

I just “graduated” (“retired” sounds too old, and I intend to keep working). I’m 61 years old, and I have a 2004 dependable Honda Accord. A wonderful, and boring, car. I think it’s time for something new. Here’s my dilemma. Before I get too old, I want a fun, fast car. An old Porsche? New Chevy Camaro? Mustang? But I’m an old hippie who cares about the environment and is not into conspicuous consumption. Prius?
What to do? Any suggestions?

Keep your Accord–suspend a pair of fuzzy dice from the mirror, tie a fox tail to the radio antenna, replace the muffler with a straight through glass pack, put on some sporty wheels, add a sound system that you can crank up to 130 decibels and you are good to go.
If this isn’t acceptable, you might think about a Mazda Miata. However, I think you should keep the Accord and supplement it with a used Miata. You will miss the comfort of the Accord after riding around in a Miata, Porsche, Camaro, etc.

The planet is doomed either way. Get your car.
Your Honda pollutes just as much as any other car, pretty much.

You clearly have lived a frugal life.
Can you afford a fun car? If so, GO for it.

Buy a car that you can easily flip and get your money back.

Have you thought about an older BMW? You can get one for $6000-$9000.
Set aside some money for repairs and HAVE FUN.

Or, why not a used late model Camaro, Mustang, or Charger?
NO need to blow $30k.

When you’re done, sell it.
Insuring a 2nd car is a lot cheaper than you might think.

Do you have any interest in DIY?
It’s a very gratifying hobby, and helps to control repair costs.

If you want to go even cheaper, get a pre-classic.
Like a 2002 Mustang. I am sure they’re fun to drive also.

My buddy loves his crossfire, make it a weekend car!
under 20k used.

These are good ideas. Thanks. Crossfire is pretty.
In case it makes a difference, I’m a girl. (Yes, 61 year-old-girl.)
Husband has the BMW, and is the DIY guy. I just want to drive fast and have fun!

Mustang and a membership to the local auto cross school/club

For under $20K you can get a very nice low mileage '02 to '05 Ford T’bird. There were some changes made to '03 and later models that I prefer. I’ve got an '04 and it is very much fun, fast, and luxury all in unique nice looking package.

My daughter has a late model Mustang (2005) and it’s been a great car up to this point. (over 160k miles)
It drives well and has a great stance but the cars have cornered the market on hard plastic. That’s my only complaint about the car; otherwise, it’s dependable and easy to service.

The new Camaros certainly get my attention although I haven’t driven one yet. Both Mustang and Camaro do very well on fuel mileage and during a fuel mileage contest a couple of years ago on a test track a 2011 Mustang with the V-6 got something like 43 MPG. You would not get that much on the street in normal driving but it’s an indicator of how well they can do.

The Miata and late T-Bird are also good ideas.

Not a Prius if you want to drive fast. They have many virtues, but not speed. Or handling.

If you want a fun, enthusiastic driving experience, the Prius is definitely not for you. I agree with the recommendations for a Mustang. It’s a fun, cool looking car, and even the V6 cars of the last few years are more powerful than the 5.0L of old, putting out 300 hp or so. If you want that V8 exhaust note, though, you still need to get one with the V8. I know I would.

A new Camaro LT or Mustang convertible with the 6-cyl will cost about $30,000. If you can afford that, it will be your best bet for a reliable car with good gas mileage and good reliability.

You’ll spend much more time enjoying a new Mustang or Camaro than you will enjoying an old Porsche…unless you like to work on cars too.

But there’re a ton of other possible choices. Get a Consumer Reports New Car Preview at the locak bookstore and test drive those that look interesting to you.

I assume the Prius was added to the list to see if we were paying attention…

What ever you get, get a convertible.

Turbo charged convertibles are better.

I agree, keep the Accord around as a spare.

With the materials used to make the batteries and such in a Prius, it’s doing more harm to the environment, than good.

Don’t look too closely at what cars are made of or you’ll be riding a bamboo bicycle. Mining is an ugly business, whether it’s iron and coal or more exotic materials. I want vehicle technologies to continue evolving and that won’t happen unless people are supporting advanced technologies. I get sentimental when I see an old car, or hear the V-8 roar of my youth, but that’s just nostalgia. I get just as excited when I see a Fisker Karma or Tesla (I live in San Francisco) and am reminded how far we’ve come. Batteries and motors are using fewer heavy metals with every generation. Mostly because they’re expensive and the Chinese showed a while back what a bad idea it is to depend on a sole supplier, but it’s progress.