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New truck


I am looking to sell my F250, diesel truck and buy a new Toyota Tundra 4x4, V-8. I wanted to know if you think that is a good idea. I need a 4x4 truck for off roading and occasional trailor pulling. I need a big truck because I am 6’5" and 260 lbs. I like the idea of a diesel because the ability to buy bio-diesel, but I think that the Toyota truck lines run forever with little problems. I do not need to buy now but my truck is worth a lot now and there is a great deal on Toyotas now…what do you advise?

Thanks for your time

I don’t think you can go wrong buying a new tundra. Do they make them with diesel engines? I think you might be disappointed in how much you’ll get for your truck, even if it is worth a lot, that doesn’t mean you will get what it is worth, as the market is currently flooded with great deals on new and used full size trucks. I bought my truck in 2006 and never regretted it, because I pull a travel trailer and just like to drive a full size truck. I can still afford the gas, but if it keeps going up, I’ll be eventually second guessing my choice to even own a trailer or large truck. If you can sell your truck for what you think it is worth, got for it and buy that toyo. But I wouldn’t buy the toyo and then figure you’ll sell your truck in a week or two afterwards, because it might take much longer to sell yours if you hold out for getting full retail value.

What year F250? There were some years where the diesels on those trucks were very good, but there were also some years where they had a lot of problems. I’m not intimately familiar with which years were good and which were bad, but I know there’s a couple of posters here who are.

The Tundra is definitely the more refined truck in terms of on-road handling and creature comforts, although I found the older versions somewhat cramped. Assuming you don’t have one of the stinker years, I also don’t think the Tundra has much of a longevity edge over the diesel F250 and you are going to lose a lot of money on the transaction. You ought to test drive the Tundra and see if you like it enough, but for my money I’d stick with the Ford.

The new Tundras have proved to have more than their fair share of teething problems. What year is the F-250? If it’s one with the 7.3L Turbodiesel, I’d hold onto it. You will be hard pressed to find a more reliable and capable truck. If you want a new truck. Check out the Dodge Ram diesels. The engines in those are bulletproof. The newer Ford diesels are not as reliable as the old 7.3L. With that said a new F-250 with the 5.4L and 4.10 gears might be able to handle your needs, and dealers are more than willing to get rid of them.

Depends on the year of your F250 you have now.