07' pick-up truck reviews!


Just want to know if any one has any opinions for me about any of the 07’ pick-up trucks. Im buying a new truck and just want to hear some feed back before i make a decision on what truck to buy.

Its basically gonna be a daily driver that has to haul a Honda Foreman, Jeep and two horse trailer.

thanks yall!!


I vote for a nice Toyota Tundra crew cab. But, then, I’m an admitted Toyotaholic!

Seriously, pick up a Consumer Reports New Car Preview at the local bookstore, pick what you like, and spend some quality time test driving the choices.

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Any truck with a diesel engine gets my vote for ya.
The horse trailer is a good indication of you needing something with some serious grunt to it.


Thanks for the feedback…Thats what i hear!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for responding…I dont really have that kind of money right now… I just want a new truck with a good motor to last five years then i am getting a deisel…


The cheapest way is to get a used F-350. I saw the new Tundra with the fully upholstered price tag.


Honestly I would stay away from the Toyota, as it seems to be having some major 1st year growing pains. Such as the fact that the V8 is already faceing a major re-call for bad cam shafts. I would stick with the big 3 when it comes to trucks, as this is somthing they know VERY well. GM’s new truck is simply AWSOME, and because of the deals Toyota had to put on there trucks to sell, I think GM will have to match. Dodge which is the oldest is also among the least expencive now becasue of incentives, but it is still a good truck. My only worry is the automatic trans in these trucks. Same with Ford, but I hear they have gotten much better over the years.


How long do you plan on owning this truck? Do you plan on keeping it a few years, then trade it in once the payments are over with, or do you plan on having your kids/grandkids drive it when they are old enough?
How about finding one coming in off a lease? That should fit your budget(though we don’t really know what your budget is since you haven’t said :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Thanks alot, i was thinking about the dodge with the maunal trany, but leaning towards the GM also. I appreciate the imput.


Towing any livestock with a manual tranny is a really bad idea. Unless you really plan on dragging the clutch on starts an automatic will be a much smoother to prevent any injury to the animals.

I would try all the big three trucks and a Toyota Tundra myself. See what you like and what fits your budget.


Good Point!! Thanks for the imput